“If you read one zombie book in your life, and would rather not have to endure the extensive hack and slash gore of it all, this book is your best bet. If you are into zombies, then this book is a must to have…

The Zombie Monologues is a great twist to the norm of what to expect from a zombie book. Dive into the heads of the undead and learn from them, but mind your fingers. They may eat brains, but their thoughts are not completely mindless–yet. Some of them come with a sense of humor, some of them with something to teach, and some of them have intentions still too-much their own.”
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Zombie Monologues is an enjoyable read in the style of World War Z that I would recommend to anyone interested in the zombie genre.”


“I thought it was bad that zombies wanted to eat our brains, but now they want to use our therapists! Zombie Monologues is an interesting, disturbing new take on my favourite topic.”
— Deb Okeefe, DJ and zombie enthusiast from The Morning X


“Metze’s book moves at a fast pace with well developed “dead”┬ácharacters. The plot is definitely a twist on the traditional zombie tale, making them appear more sympathetic and their actions understandable. He introduces some new ideas that will keep the zombie huggers entertained, as well as, bringing in science theories that are fresh compared to the mass of zombie movies we’ve all seen of late. ”
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